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Oddly enough the business was established in1919 as hand engravers, Caswell Grant and Co.

Steve’s father was an apprentice in the business and over many years became highly skilled in engraving crests on rings, etc. Later, he was to run the business himself.

It was decided that he would bring his son, Steve, into the business. The two of them decided to purchase an engraving machine for Steve to work on as there was plenty of work in this particular area.

As customers kept enquiring about repairs to jewellery, Steve taught himself to hard solder in gold and silver, cast ingots of scrap gold and silver, cut precious stones from raw rock and make settings for these stones, etc. Soon, the work was overwhelming and it was decided to employ someone to take in the work on the shop floor, while the engraving and repairs could continue uninterrupted on the first floor. A young woman that was known to the firm, through the engraving business, was taken on as an employee.

She quickly became bored as there was not a lot for her to do and suggested that perhaps she could do some ear piercing as she was trained in this. It was agreed that she could do this but she would have to handle the total operation herself as Steve is severely needle phobic.

All was going smoothly until the young lady was ill for the day. She had an ear piercing booked in. The client had made a special journey for this and insisted that Steve should honour the booking. With the good name of the firm to uphold, Steve somehow managed to overcome his horror and duly pierced the gentleman’s ear. The client was delighted and Steve was surprised to have achieved a good result without feeling too bad.

This was the moment that AccuPierce Ltd was born although it would not be named as such for another 30 years.

This side of the business grew so rapidly that after Steve’s father retired there was not enough time to continue with engraving and repairs. It then became a specialist piercing studio. Steve taught himself to TIG weld stainless steel and designed all the tools that are used today. He also has several patents to his name.

Singlehandedly, Steve leased an industrial unit and set up a small factory equipped with industrial polishing machines etc. manufacturing body rings. This was done after hours as the Bath Place piercing shop had to be run during the day. This hard work has paid off and today the shop is busier than ever and Steve is still inventing new ideas. All this development could not run successfully without a serious amount of front-of-shop hard work and management. This is where Elle, Steve’s daughter, comes on the scene.

Elle manages the shop front and keeps the flow of clients continuous for the studio throughout the busy day whilst ordering all the latest in Body Jewellery, keeping the shop clean, making cups of much needed tea, stocking the cabinets, stocktaking the bedrolls, disposable gloves, aftercare accoutrements, pricing up all the jewellery, handling the sales, organising a multitude of aftercare forms and stationery, etc., etc.

Elle also is a very competent Ear Piercer and can pierce ears simultaneously with Steve so that young clients only experience one small click and both ears are painlessly pierced with perfection.

As well as that, she relaxes and puts the clients at ease by being able to answer virtually any query that is put to her.

Steve and Elle work together as a perfect team as can be seen by the quality of the Body Piercing that is produced and the ambience that is projected within the business.




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