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Our shop floor was dramatically altered years ago, by changing it from a sleepy old time jewellers into a clean and vibrant modern piercing studio and sales floor.


There are actually two piercing studios, although the second one is used as the workroom where the first stage in the sterilisation of piercing equipment is carried out prior to ultrasonically cleaning and the final stage of vacuum sterilisation.

The main piercing studio has a pair of independently manoeuvrable daylight magnifying lamps situated above an electrically operated Teal coloured surgical couch. This couch is fully adjustable to cater for the full range of standard and exotic piercings on offer.

There is an elbow operated tap/sink unit situated in the far corner of the room where surgical gloves can be put on out of sight of young people about to undergo their first ear piercing experience. This helps to keep the atmosphere at a warm and friendly level which is helped greatly by spectators not displaying nervous body language. The door to the studio is a large wheelchair friendly construct and once in the room there is ample room for an electric or manual wheelchair to turn 180 degrees. The floor is fitted out with a surgical grade covering in a pleasant speckled light green effect.

The overall impression is clean but friendly with that hint of efficiency that our clients have come to rely on. The main sales area gives a slightly warmer feel but still efficiently clean. This is where the enticing items of jewellery are situated and where the obligatory forms are completed and information regarding the piercing procedure and after care is exchanged.

There is just enough room on a Saturday for those clients patiently queuing for a surprisingly gentle piercing treat.

It’s almost like a party with some funky grooves massaging the ears emanating from strategically placed speakers.

All the jewellery is behind safety glass so there is no anxiety on the part of parents that their offspring will be causing mischief.

AccuPierce Ltd uses the very latest ear piercing techniques that are almost painless. This results in children emerging from the piercing room with huge smiles of relief. This has a beneficial effect on those waiting next in line.



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