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When the client enters the shop, they are greeted by Elle who gives reassurance about the procedure. She will discuss the different types of jewellery available and whether they fit into the clients day to day activities. At this point, the size and colour of the jewellery is decided upon. The next step is to fill one of the special forms required prior to the piercing itself (this is not a disclaimer).

Whilst the form is being completed, Steve is setting up the equipment in the studio as required and manoeuvring the furniture in order to perform the piercing as effortlessly as possible.

After entering the studio, the client is made to feel at ease and the position of the jewellery finalised. After cleaning the area with the appropriate solution, the skin is marked in preparation. The client is invited to confirm the position before commencing.

If the piercing in question allows, the area is cooled just enough to prohibit discomfort. Making sure that the client cannot or is not watching the process, the piercing is performed as swiftly as is possible using the Accupierce Tulip Needle. In many cases the jewellery will be inserted in the same movement.

“Is that it?” comes the inevitable question, followed closely by “WOW !” as a reaction to the first glimpse in the mirror.

Another painless piercing.  .  .  .  the buzz is unbelievable!



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