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The first item on the agenda to be decided upon is ‘where is the new piercing to be placed?’. This is not always an easy choice, but by talking it through and discussing the areas that are definitely not up for grabs, eventually ideas emerge.

Once the piercing has been chosen, we will discuss the day to day treatment that the piercing is likely to receive. For example, if a client wishes to have a Navel piercing and has an occupation carrying heavy items against the stomach, or is a surfer, etc., then this piercing will be discouraged and an alternative found. This is a very important part of the piercing procedure to ensure that the new piercing has every chance of healing, which the client can be proud of.

The size of the jewellery to be inserted must be determined. Then there is the colour of the titanium. Does the client require a gemstone in the bead or leave it plain?   decisions, decisions……

The final part of the preparation, prior to receiving cleaning lotion and full written instructions, is to fill in a form required by the authorities. The client is Never asked to fill in a disclaimer form.



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