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The AccuPierce Tulip Needle

The impossible made possible.

Normal Hypodermic needles (as used by the rest of the world) tear the skin on one side of the piercing on entry, cause quite a large amount of discomfort and bleeding (to most people) and therefore take longer to heal than the AccuPierce Tulip Needle.

By contrast, the AccuPierce Tulip Needle does NOT tear the skin like hypodermics, does NOT hurt like hypodermics, does NOT bleed like hypodermics and heals quicker than hypodermic piercing.

The Tongue piercing is dramatically different. It heals in only one week compared to two weeks with other needles. Also there is little or no swelling at all with the AccuPierce Tulip Needle and most clients will testify that it does NOT hurt.

The reason that the AccuPierce Tulip Needle works so well is in the design of the head of the needle. This has been radically altered to give these miraculous results.

The AccuPierce Studio is the ONLY studio in the world that uses this incredible piece of equipment because it is DESIGN REGISTERED to AccuPierce Ltd.

Each needle is completed by hand in the Accupierce Workshops to ensure

(a)  that each needle works to 100% perfection and

(b)  that the design does not fall into the hands of unscrupulous reprobates who would replicate same for their own undesirable ends (steal it).

At present there is no licensing facility available




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