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The first member of the team to be met on entering this establishment will be Elle. Elle runs the jewellery and sales side of the business and is the inspiration behind the dazzling displays that entice clients to venture within.

Elle can comprehensively advise on almost every aspect of body piercing and has had personal experience of the very latest piercings to be designed in-house. As well as managing the front of shop, Elle does ear piercing. This is especially useful when piercing children’s ears as they are pierced simultaneously with an operator on each ear. This eliminates the worry to the child as they get both ears pierced in the same split second.

Steve, Elle’s dad, performs the main body piercings. Having an extreme sensitivity to pain, Steve greatly empathises with his clients and does his utmost to give them a totally painless piercing experience. This is the reason for the invention of the special tools and needles registered to AccuPierce.

Running the office and making sure the paperwork flows smoothly is Lynne. Although accounting in itself is not too adrenalin pumping, Lynne finds working in this pioneering arena quite exciting. She is able to witness first-hand the results of the new ideas springing forth on a regular basis.

Despite being a modest team, AccuPierce strives to give their clients the most exciting jewellery available in the world today inserted in the most gentle fashion possible with the least amount of stress.

This method really works !




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